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Pakistan Armed Forces 
Pakistan Army 
Pakistan Navy 
Pakistan Airforce 
Comperative Ranks  
Military Awards 

Pakistan Armed Forces:

Pakistan Armed Forces comprise of land forces, air forces and naval forces. In accordance with the tenets of the constitution, the President of Pakistan is the Supreme Commander of the Pakistan armed Forces. From organisational point of view, the supreme Commander is assisted by the Defence Ministry. Certain fundamental functions are dependent on the Defence Ministry including the formulation of all policies regarding defence besides putting them into practice and implementation, coordinating the different activities of various organs of the armed forces, administrative matters at general. Defence Ministry also exercises financial examination, planning and control. In all these affairs, the fundamental body involved is “Defence Minister’s Committee”. It comprises of five persons, the defence Minister as Chairman of the body, besides Defence Secretary, and three Services Chiefs. All three forces headed by a Chief of the Staff as below:

 Army            --- Chief of the Army Staff
 Navy            --- Chief of the Navy Staff
 Air Force     --- Chief of the Air Force Staff.

Pakistan Army

It is the senior most and largely major part of Pakistan Armed Forces. Chief of the Army Staff is senior of the three divisions of the Armed Forces of Pakistan, followed by Navy and Air Force’s Chiefs respectively.

Administrative and Organizational Pattern:-

From administration point of view, “Army Head-quarters” at Rawalpindi, is under the control of the Chief of Staff, who holds the rank of General. Army Headquarters offices consist of six major branches, which are detailed below, each branch under the control of a Lieutenant-General.

General Staff Branch:-

It comprises of a number of Directorates, as Directorate of Intelligence, Directorate of Staff Duties, Directorate of Military Operations, Directorate of Military Training, Directorate of Armoured Corps, Directorate of Weapons and Equipment, Directorate of Artillery, Directorate of Infantry, Directorate of Territorial Army, Directorate of Signals and Directorate of Defence Security Corps.

Adjutant General’s Branch:-

It is exclusively concerned with internal management of the army personnel, with the affairs as terms and conditions of service for the army personnel, pay, increment, promotion, pension, discipline etc.

Quarter Master-General’ Branch:-

Its functions basically involve the quality of movability, housing and recreation facilities for the army personnel; as construction of roads and aerodromes, arrangement of housing and canteens, up-keep of rail, air and sea routes for safe and sound movement of the army.

Master-General of Ordnance Branch:-
Mainly storage and issuance of the army.

Engineer-in-Chief’s Branch:-
It is somewhat an advisory body, on all engineering matters to the three services. It also tenders advice to the ordinance factory.

Military Secretary’s Branch:-
Its main functions involve the management and maintenance of promotion and retirement of the officer. It is also accredited to grant honorary ranks.

Ranks in the Army:-
It can be studied from two points of views, in ascending order:

i-  Junior Cadre:-
Sepoy/Sawar/Jawan; lance Naik; Naik; Havaldar;Jamadar/Defdar; Subedar/Risaldar; Subedar Major/Risaldar Major.

ii-  Senior Cadre:-
Second Lieutenant, Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel, Brigadier, Major-General, Lieutenant-General; General, Field-Marshal.

Badges of Commissoned Ranks in Pakistan Army:-

Rank                             Bages worn on shoulders

Field-Marshal                Cross swords and a batton enclosed in floral wreath.

General                          Cross swords, Hilal and a star.

Lieutenant General        Cross swords and a Hilal

Major-General              Cross Swords and a star.

Brigadier                       Hilal and three stars

Colonel                          Hilal and two stars

Lieutenat Colonel           Hilal and one star

Major                              Hilal

Captain                           Three Stars.

Lieutenant                       Two Stars

Second-Lieutenant         One Star

Pakistan Navy

Pakistan Navy holds a second position as far as man-power and seniority is concerned.

i-  Administrative Organisation:-
The administrative office of Pakistan Navy is Called Naval Headquarters, situated at Islamabad. They are directly controlled by the Chief of Naval Staff. The whole administrative set-up is divided into four branches, each controlled by a deputy as detailed, who assist the Chief of the Naval Staff.

A-  Deputy Chief of Naval Staff (Personnel):
The functions involved are Naval personnel’s retirement, service conditions, disciplone, welfare, training and general manning of the fleet.

B-  Deputy Chief of the Naval Staff (Operations):-
All functions involving communications, hydrations, movements, plans, security, intelligence, naval operagraphy and public relationing. This post-holder is next to the Chief of the Naval Staff.

C-  Deputy Chief of Naval Staff(Technical Service):
The functions involved are provision and naval stores, all weapons, ships, needed equipment, besides arrangement of dockyard facilities and manufacturing of ships.

D-  Chief of Naval Aviation:-
The functions involved relate to the co-ordination, administrative and all aerial matters of the Navy.

Pakistan Air Force
Headquarters Establishments:-

A-  Air Headquarters:
It is headed by the Chief Staff of the Air Force at Rawalpindi, who is usually “Air Chief Marshal,” assisted by the four principal Staff Officers, holding the ranks of Air Vice-Marshal or Air Commodore. They exercise exclusive supervisory functions of their mian branches, which together form the Air Headquarters.

Air Staff Branch:
It comprises of several directorates, as Directorate of Operations, Directorate of Flying Safety, Directorate of Signals, Directorate of Training, Directorate of intelligence, Directorate of meterology, and Directorate of Auxiliary and Reserves. Air Staff Branch as a collectively unit is regulated, and supervised by Deputy Chief of air staff.

Adminstrative Branch:
 It comprises of the following directorates- Directorate of Organisation, Directorate of personnel (officers), Directorate of Personnel (Airmen), Directorate of Medical Services (Air), Directorate of Accounts and others. Administrative Branch basically supervises all the affairs related to personnel and organisation of the Air Force. It is controlled by an “Air Officer-in-Charge.”

Maintenance Branch:
It comprises of the following specialized directorates, as Directorate of Mechanical Transport, Directorate of Radio Engineering, Directorate of Armament and Directorate of Equipment and Technical Service. Its basic functions consist of mainly maintenance problem.
D-  Policy and Plans Branch:- the directorates of policy and plans, forecasting and planning and directorate of Establishment and Statistics. It is headed and controleld by an”Air Officer-in-Charge.” policy and plans.

Comparative Ranks in the three Services:

Pakistan Army              Pakistan Air Force(PAF)   Pakistan Navy(P.N)

2nd Lieutenant              Pilot Officer                   Midshipman Officicer.

Lieutenant Captain        Flying Officer               Sub-Lieutenant

Captain                          Flight Lieutenant           Lieutenant

Major                            Squadron Leader           Lieu-Commander

Lieut-Colonel                Wing Commander         Commander

Colonel                         Group Captain              Captain Commodore.

Brigadier                       Air Commodore           Commodore

Major-General              Air Vice-Marshal         Rear Admiral

Lieut-General                Air Marshal                 Vice-Admiral

General                         Air Chief Marshal        Admiral

Field-Marshal              Marshal of Air Force    Admiral of the Fleet.


Pakistan Armed Forces awards are divided into two categories:

- Operational Awards
- Non-Operational Awards


It is the highest and coveted award, which takes precedence over all other orders, Decoration and medals in Pakistan. It is conferred to any member of the three services of Armed Forces of Pakistan, irrespective of rank and cadre who executes or displays of acts of heroism against heavy odds. It of associated with the highest seeds of ‘courage and bravery. so far eight persons have been awarded Nishan-i-Haider  posthumously (seven from Pakistan army and one from P.A.F.)The insignia of  Nishan-i-Haider  consists of a five-pronged point stars moulded of the gun metal with white enamelled and coupro-nickel metal edging. The ribbon of one and a half-inch wide green material silk. The award of Nishan-i-Haider  also carries a cash amount.

Awarded to officers alone, on display of heroic courage and deeds and devotion to duty against heavy odds on land, at sea or in air. Its insignia consists of a fold medal, on its back is inscribed in beautiful Arabic script, with the ribbon whose width is one and a quarter of an inch, Water silk with red, green and red stripes in equal proportions. The award also carry cash amount in the form of Defence Saving Certificates.

It is too associated with excellent display of gallantry, heroism and services in active combat. it is awarded t officers ,Junior commissioned officers, Chief petty officers and Flight Sergeants.These gallantry awards are conferred as a recognition of the sense of duty to the nation and country. Sitara-I-Jurat can be placed equal in status and dignity with the British award of Military Crown” . As towards the make of this insignia , it comprises of a silver medal with the “ Sitara-I-Jurat” inscribed on the bar.
The inscription is rendered in Arabic letters. Besides  a silver medal, a ribbon watered silk with white, green and white stripes also appear in equal proportions.The ribbon stands about one-quarter of an inch wide. In consonance with the above awards and monetary accompaniment.

It is equivalent to British award of military medal, and is admissible to the Non-commissioned officers etc. This award, as usual, is associated and conferable on display of excellent courage, Conspicuous gallantry and excellently distinguished  services in active combat. The insignia of this award is prominent by its bronze medal and a beautiful ribbon with green, red and white stripes. The ribbon is one and a quarter of an inch wide. This award too carries a monetary recognition in the form of Rupees..


As the nature of the awards themselves signify that they are admissible to the military rank and file not in active operation against the enemy. These awards are conferable and associated with the acts of courage and devotion to their duty. The details of these non 0operational awards is as below:-

As a non-opreational awards, it is conferable to all the rank and file of armed forces of Pakistan, on display of acts of gallantry and valour, courage and distinguished sense of duty and devotion to service. Although the said the battlefield, yet carries equally distinguished status and recognition. The recipient of this award is granted an award of Rs. 20,000.00 out of which Rs.10,000 in the form of ten year Defence saving Certificates.

Similarly to the above award, it is also admissible to the members of all ranks of the three services of the armed forces of pakistan. This award if also associated with the acts of courage, valour and gallantry, besides deep devotion to the sense of duty and distinguished services. it carries a menetary award of Rs.10,000 out of which Rs. 5000.00 is paid in the form of ten yrar Defencee Saving Certificates. Besides a minetary award, an insignia of  bronze medal with the inscription of “ Tamgha-I-basalat and ribbon of watered silk with stripes of light blues, red dark blue, red and light blue, also accompanies. Its ribbon is one and a quarter inch wide.

C-  Tamgha-Khidmat:
This award is associated with the long and distinguished discharge of duties and service, related to non-combantant, and non-operational activities. It is awarded to J.C.O’s; W.O’s; N.C.O’s and O.R.s’ It carried a monthly monetary award and allowance from Rs. 40.00 to Rs. 25.00 per months to TKI and TKII respectively.


A-  Tamgha-I-Difa:
The insignia of this award carries a medal of cupro-nickel with the inscription of “Khidmat-I-Pakistan” in Urdu language. It is conferral and admissible to the members of the armed forces, who actively put themselves in the execution of minor operations or campaigns within the qualifying dates and especially within the prescribed areas of operation.

B-  Imtiazi Sanads:
This award of “Imtiazi Sanads” is a recognition of the armed forces and especially by the Civil Armed Forces as per details of “Mentioned in Despatched A” by the Chief of staff. Imtiazi Sanads is admissible to the civil personnel who are otherwise qualified for the awards of gallantry and distinguished services.

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