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The summer sun went downon

 Our love long ago

 But in my heartI feel the same

 Old afterglow

 A love so beautiful

 In every way

 A love so beautiful

 We let it slipaway

 We were too youngto understand

To ever know

 That lovers driftapart

 And that's theway love goes

 A love so beautiful

 A love so free

 A love so beautiful

 A love for youand me

 And when I thinkof you

 I fall in loveagain

       Baby,show me what you feel

        Come to me, show me somethin' real

        I need to know, I need you completely

        Closer baby closer, come on let's begin

        Love is takin' over, gotta let it in

        Ooh I need to feel the heart of you

        Need to reach the very deepest part of you



Mohammad ZulifqarTambra (Chand) 
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